Skylon Tower – A Dining Table With a View


Niagara Falls is an endless source of pleasure and excitement, with many dedicated travellers making the trip once a year to witness the magnificent waterfall. And whether you’re one of those people who takes the time to visit the Falls yearly or are just there once in this lifetime, one of the things you need to do, while there, is hit up the Skylon Tower.

What is Skylon Tower?

As the name suggests, Skylon Tower is a revolving tower high up at almost 800 feet above the Falls. And you thought the waterfall itself was tall! The reason they built the Skylon Tower is that there was always one guy in the group that wondered what it would be like to see above the falls. Just like there was one guy always wondering what it would be like to see them from below, which was how they came to be leading groups of tourists through the intertwining bedrock tunnels below. But that’s a story for another day.

Skylon Tower rises to 775 feet above the waterfall, and offers not one, but two levels for a fantastic dining experience. Here, you can choose between the Summit Suite Buffet Dining Room, which is a family-affordable buffet offering good dining near Niagara; and the Revolving Dining Room Restaurant, a classier continental approach to food. Both are highly enjoyable experiences, although the Summit Suite Buffet is usually indicated if you’re traveling with small children or are looking to feed a large group or family.

But the food is the least exciting part about Skylon Tower! Sure, it’s great to grab some grub, particularly if you’ve spent the morning busily exploring the intricacies of the waterfall. So why not do it several hundred feet up in the air, on a revolving platform? That’s right, one of the main attraction points of Skylon Tower is that it silently rotates 360 degrees each hour, giving you an ever-changing view. You won’t be in the same place you were when you started by the time you reach dessert, and therein lies the excitement of Skylon Tower.

Fear not, for the rotation itself is smooth and gentle. You won’t feel a thing. You’ll just look up from your plate laden with delicacies and notice that the view has changed. From the vantage point of the rotating dining room of Skylon Tower, you can see over 8,000 square kilometers of land. And for an even better view, feel free to take a step up to the observation deck, and enjoy the winning view of Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls.

Bored easily? That shouldn’t be a problem, either. At such an impressive size, it would be odd if Skylon Tower was simply a dining experience. Here, you’ll also be able to enjoy various shopping activities, and even an entertainment center for your children.

In short, Skylon Towers is one part of the Niagara experience you just can’t afford to miss!