Niagara Jet Adventure: A Ride to Remember


One thing that you simply can not skip out on when you’re visiting Niagara Falls is taking a ride with Niagara Jet Adventures. Let’s be honest, how many times have you looked at Niagara Falls and imagined yourself right out there, in the water? And wasn’t it thrilling? Well, it’s precisely this love for adventure that founded the Niagara Jet Adventures business in the first place, and it’s also this desire for the thrill that each year, brings them new adventure-seekers from all over the globe.

First and foremost, is it safe?

The first thing people worry about when it comes to jetting through the rapids of Niagara Falls is, of course, safety. So it’s worth assuaging any doubts before we get further into this – the boats used by Niagara Jet Adventures are completely safe, as well as comfortable. What’s more, they’re manned by seasoned guides and sailors that have sailed over the Niagara Falls rapids hundreds of times, without so much as a hitch. So if you’re worried about safety, you don’t have to be. While sailing through Niagara Falls can be hugely dangerous and often deadly for obvious reasons, this is true for inexperienced and non-professional sailors. And this is why you should always take good care in finding a guide/agency you can trust. 

But to answer our question from earlier, yes, trying the Niagara Jet Adventure is completely safe, and an experience to remember.

What does the Niagara Jet Adventure look like?

The Niagara Jet Adventure is custom-designed to fit any and every preference. Of course, we all consume adrenaline differently, so the ride itself is going to feel a little different for everyone, even if they do share the same boat. This is why the boats themselves are designed to fit multiple types of people.

First, you’ve got those crazed adventure-seekers who are just dying to get soaked and feel that rush of adrenaline coursing through their veins. For them, the Niagara Jet Adventure looks like a heavenly ride. With its specially designed outdoor seating, it allows you to enjoy all the beauty of the ride through Niagara Falls, while of course avoiding all the dangers. With this, you’ve got the possibility to ride out in the open in a perfectly safe, yet exciting seating.

Alternatively, you can opt for enjoying the ride from the safety (and dryness!) of inside the boat. This is another thrilling option, particularly if getting soaking wet isn’t your idea of a good time, and while the Niagara Jet Adventure doesn’t carry over all the way to the Falls themselves, it will take you to and through the infamous Whirlpool Rapids.

The Niagara Jet Adventure is a must when you’re in the area, because otherwise, you risk spending the rest of your life regretting that you didn’t go into the water. There is nothing quite like braving the rapids, and feeling that old adrenaline rush rise through your body. And really, there’s no “seeing” Niagara Falls without taking on the Niagara Jet Adventure.