6 Best Places to Get Wings in Niagara Falls


Chicken wings. That’s all they’re known as around these parts. Not buffalo wings, certainly not Buffalo-style wings. Just wings. An important note right out the gate: We are a blue-cheese-dressing-only club in Western New York. Avoid the ranch at all costs unless you want that “oh, they’re from out of town” look. 

Now that is out of the way: Let’s get into the top 5 wings stops to make in Niagara Falls, according to our resident wing expert Dan Barto.

Anchor Bar 

Inside the Holiday Inn Scenic Downtown resides one of the most popular restaurants in Buffalo: Anchor Bar. These are those famous wings that you would see on the national sports broadcast b-roll. Since 1964, Anchor Bar has been the sought-after spot for Buffalo food enthusiasts. And, lucky for us, in 2018 a franchise of the original restaurant opened within walking distance of Niagara Falls State Park! 

F-Bites Cantina 

At the corner of Old Falls Street and Rainbow you can find F-Bites Cantina. Chef Bobby Anderson (who appeared on Gordon Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen”, season 4) owns this awesome quick service restaurant serving up one of the best joints to get…ready for this…SMOKED WINGS! Crispy chicken wings char-grilled with a gold BBQ and finished with a chipotle BBQ sauce, these wings will absolutely make your knees weak.

Rock Burger 

For guests staying away from the park or for those who just want to explore deeper into the City of Niagara Falls, owner Jason Lizardo has conjured up a miracle of culinary science at his local Niagara Falls burger joint. Yes, this list is all about wings here but think outside the box on this one. Have you ever tried a stuffed burger before? How about a burger stuffed with buffalo chicken fingers, mac & cheese and cheese topped with buffalo chicken wing dip, provolone & hot sauce? Behold this menu. 


After a long day of sun, and getting soaked on the Maid of the Mist and in Cave of the Winds, it’s great to unwind in your hotel room with some local fare. You can absolutely never go wrong ordering char-grilled BBQ wings from Goodfellas Pizzeria . Selfishly, it is always my first instinct to tell folks about these sweet and charred delights but I put them at number 4 to push my own boundaries a little. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m all about ordering these beauties in a pinch. First deep fried, then sauced and then kissed on the grill for that perfect spot on the Venn diagram of crispy, saucy, and tasty for chicken wings.

Duff’s Famous Wings

At the corner of the biggest intersection of the City of Niagara Falls (Route 62 and NY-265) is the area’s other very well known Chicken Wing joint, Duff’s Famous Wings. The question our guests seem to ask all too frequently is “Anchor Bar versus Duff’s?” I will always reply “both” in case you’re wondering. Duff’s is simply the gold standard in Buffalo when it comes to frying up a batch of wings. Everytime I get Duff’s I forget how incredibly saucy they come and it gives me joy when they come to the table. Personally, I love saucy wings and my experience tells me the messier they come, the better they usually are. If you like dry rub wings, that’s ok, I do too, but my first instinct is to order saucy and crispy wings which I never have to worry about at Duff’s. Duff’s also sells their Hot and BBQ sauce on their website.

Duff’s Famous Wings , 8351 Niagara Falls Blvd, Niagara Falls NY 14304

Mister M’s House of Food and Drink 

Recently, I was craving some wings and someone shared with me a recent expedition they took to Mister M’s and ordered Slider Wings. Slider Wings?! What?! Memories flooded back to years past at a great restaurant where we skipped school to eat lunch that burned to the ground. Turns out, the owner, Mr. John Martino (Mr. M) saved the recipe from extinction and resurrected it in his spot in the Town of Niagara. You can also buy this amazing “Life Behind Bars Sweet and Tangy” Sauce at www.slidersauce.com if you want to experiment with it at home. It makes a great stocking stuffer and you will not be disappointed.

Honorable Mention

Niagara Falls pizza is perfect, so perfect that we give thanks at the turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day to NF Pizza. All of our pizzerias (even those not on this list) put out pies and trays that are light years better than anything NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Saskatoon or anywhere else that claims to be a Pizza Capital of the World. We are at a different level.